sara mathiasson june 5 – july 25, 2015

In the masquerade of assimilation resulting from post colonial history and the return of the excluded in cultural costume, Sara Mathiasson presents, for her first solo exhibition, an ensemble of sculptures made of braided hair that smuggles subversive intentions into the aesthetic domain.


Born 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sara Mathiasson studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm.  In 2005, she started an ongoing collaboration with Sofia Restorp and performed at Sophiensaele Berlin, both in 2006 and 2007 and Südpol Luzern, in 2009.  From 2012 to 2013, she followed courses and graduated from the Gaye Njorro School of Hairdressing and Beauty Cosmetology in Gambia.  What appears as an unconventional and divergent parenthesis shall be understood as an extension of her holistic choreographic practice, where fragments and material of experience are laid bare.


Through this ongoing preoccupation of the body, its appearance and social significance, the artist reflects and dismantles notions of ethic and ethnic, authenticity and appropriation, global and vernacular, constituting the underlying discourse that form this ethnofiction.


Procedural, material, formal and ideological qualities participate in the making of such bizarre and nonfunctional ornaments that interrupt the fiction of national and cultural identity.







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