heuristic, numen and the scandal of self-contradiction november 21, 2014 – january 24, 2015


Francisco Berná, Adrian Hermanides, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paul McCarthy, Eleonora Meoni, Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, Anton Stoianov, Sturtevant, Gengoroh Tagame and Carmelo Tedeschi.


This exhibition presents free associations, as the ones used in computational algorithms or psychoanalytic séances – expecting the sum of its parts to express a deepest truth.


The following series of playful combinations reveal correspondences and similarities or differences and oppositions between selected formal and conceptual strategies:


Robert Mapplethorpe and Anton Stoianov’s fetishisation of the object and its libidinal allusion, Carmelo Tedeschi and Paul McCarthy’s archaic shapes with atypical material such as leather or chocolate, Eleonora Meoni and Louis-Philippe Scoufaras’ quest for the numinous, Francisco Berná and Gengoroh Tagame’s allegories of the tormented flesh, Adrian Hermanides and Sturtevant’s appropriation and simulacra.