berlin flyers 1994-2014 july 4 – august 2, 2014

Mandatory in the electronic music scene, flyers announced both time, location
and line-up of the venue but also through graphics and motifs, the spirit of the
party.  The only indicator before the Internet and Facebook hegemony, the little
piece of paper acquired iconic status for its evocative power.

This exhibition proposes a selective presentation of some 400 flyers from 1994
to 2014, following the fall of the Berlin wall and the awakening of the East
side of the German metropolis.  Both the unique historical and geographical
position of Berlin participated in creating a specific context for techno sound,
the expression of a post-industrial society were counter-productive activities
both reflected and transcended historical and economic trauma.

Without claim of exhaustiveness, the editorial preference insists on typographic
and iconographic characteristics defined by the vernacular influence of Soviet
propaganda and Bauhaus design.

In the age of total aestheticization, this exhibition suggests a metanoia, a
reversal of the gaze, on nostalgic ephemera to a potent trace of subculture

With special thanks to Berghain OstGut, Yusuf Etiman, Christian Küpker, Thomas Nösler and particularly Mike Riemel, author of “Flyer Soziotope”.



Monopol magazine


Süddeutschen Zeitung. nr. 170 vom 26./27.07.2014.  Seite 14.  Nedo, Kito. Party aus Papier




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