francisco berná january 18 – march 16, 2019

Struggling with the anthropological certainty of archetypes, Francisco Berna proposes the counter position of a disintegrating identity through an altered self-representation of mental and physical disorder that might redefine the truth of most heroic figures.

The pursuit of an alternative portrayal took first the form of a three dimensional reconstitution of his studio-apartment daily life with a latex imprint of its soiled floor and the displacement of burnt walls presented in his first exhibition in Berlin (2013). Other sculptural compositions made with latex were later exhibited at Espaivisor in Valencia (2015).

If Art points beyond reason and toward the experience of a loss of the self while society tends to dissolve madness into any form of marginality, the compulsory demand of technology and identity definition lead the artist to schizoaffective disorder. Alternative therapy took the form of drawing activities and the elaboration of geometric abstract shapes, substitutes to failing complex social structures. This exhibition insists on the graphic production of the last year, Neo-Suprematist compositions of a kind examining the construction of the great partition between neurosis and normality and the celebration of absolute non-objectivity.