federica dauri november 30, 2018


A visual concert exploring the sonic potential of the human body and the permeation of its clandestine voices.

CorpOrale is an artistic research project by Federica Dauri exploring the transformative phonology of the human body and its potentiality for generative phonemic transcriptions.

Drawing inspiration from the research of Rudolf Steiner, especially his work on Eurhythmy, this performance interrogates the intersectionality of the motile human body, its sonic manifestations such as voice, breath and all other generated biological sounds, and its affective representation. This triadic intervention attempts to deconstruct the body as a site of the connotative production of content, indeterminacy of translation, inscrutability of reference, and referential semiotics.

Technology is used to amplify and potentiate the sonic aspect of the body, through recording internal and external sound, to manipulate them and subsequently to present real-time new generated sounds. Tech serves here as the medium with which the artist Federica Dauri and Elisa Battistutta meet as live co-composers to generate an audio-visual performative experience.

The emancipatory discovery of the voice of the body is therefore tightly connected with political and cultural visibility, a body which is no longer a civilisational product or a battleground for the reallocation of social power relations and becomes a gravitational, loud but also fluid and elusive open body who has acquired a voice of its own.

CorpOreale is the third performance of the artist Federica Dauri at the gallery and made possible with a residency at ICK Amsterdam, and successively presented at the Elbphilarmonic, Hamburg in September 2020.