anton stoianov september 7 – november 17, 2018

Escaping the repetition of stylistic ideas, Anton Stoianov continues to develop new modes of painting through aesthetic inventions.

After the epic stitched worn socks compositions (2012), the series of symbolic objects encased in carbon fiber vinyl (2014, abc Berlin 2015, Art Cologne 2018), Anton Stoianov’ s research at the Glaser-Innung Berlin for the last two years inspired paintings with ecological miralite revolution mirrors, made of silver instead of lead. Rhythmic repetitions and chromatic variations of the surfaces as well as circular formats create a cosmogonical dynamic. The tension between control and hazard of the material produces unexpected layers and seductive-repulsive combinations. The muddied chromatic explosion on cold reflector hints upon the critical reality of planetary doomsday.

If to look in a mirror is to face the gap between our image and the experience that we have of ourselves, these saturated reflections might well be what we look like during the apocalypse.