viron erol vert april 19 – june 15, 2013

Through the Sublime Porte half open, one can gaze at layers of civilizations, influences and customs constituting an unreductively complex culture at the threshold of Asia, Orient and Occident.

Viron Erol Vert ‘s own biographical history addresses the heterogeneity of a childhood between Germany and Istanbul, born 1975 in a family of Italo-Greek origins and Orthodox Christian confession immersed in the Muslim world. Years of academic studies at the UdK Berlin, the Royal Academy in Antwerp and in the Department for Experimental Surface at the KHB in Berlin, as well as a noticeable involvement in the subculture of the German metropolis, added more depth and complication to that matter.

Although works produced in recent years claim a decisive question on category and the boundary between Art and Decorative Art:
In this exhibition two hand woven wool carpets are on display. Each work is unique, not only because of its handmade fabrication or chromatic feature but because the sole proof of the carton from which the motif is based upon.
The intricate cosmogony and esoteric geometry, as well as the one of a kind pattern, can also be found on a custom made wallpaper printed for the location, an oblique evocation of the DDR futuristic propaganda style, as if today enhanced and uninterrupted.

A sense of inventiveness and skills emanate from these reconfigurations of mundane domestic objects, alluding to rituals and the reconstitution of privilege forms of experience against the utter inexorability of consumer culture.


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