xavier mazzarol september 6- november 9, 2019

Is it the Apocalypse when forests burn and bodies sink in the sea? Then what could be the meaning of another art object? To decorate the victor’s surroundings? To monumentalize authority? To preach to the already convinced? For a victim to mark his own journey – but are we not all collateral damage, if not actors of our own demise? Are new forms and textures the abstract expression of internalized conflicts and experiences, the one with the crushing mechanism of capitalist desire and subsequential inflation of physical disease? While the aesthetic convention is concealment, can illness become a figure or metaphor?
Within this conflict and “Against Interpretation”, Xavier Mazzarol expands his production of sculptural objects for the second solo-exhibition presented at the gallery, dissolving the boundaries between industrial and natural, artwork and design product.
On the threshold of the space sits the aluminium skeleton of a dysfunctional machine with the pure metal shine of technology: Between, 2019, aluminium, 70 x 20 x 170 cm. This stylised reminder of the ubiquitous pfand container, gateway to the sorting and recycling process, conjures the masculinist materiality of Minimalism and its nihilistic epistemology of consumerism.
Cold Song, 2019, glass, variable dimensions; five plates with different shapes and patterns of up-cycled water bottles, sourced in Berlin and melted in the Czech Republic, lay on the wall. The human proportions create organic silhouettes with changing light reflections and shadows that counter the static experience of the viewer.
D’Enfer, 2019, glass, polymer, wood, 120 x 100 x 195 cm; on a massive column of manufactured empty glass bottles wrapped with a veil of plastic, hangs a diffracted mirror frame, a square hole in the middle opens to layers of transparencies. “Glass is, in general, the enemy of secrets. It is also the enemy of possession.” (Experience and Poverty. Walter Benjamin, 1933)
Through dissection and reconfiguration, handmade and fabricated procedures, Xavier Mazzarol’s praxis of object related and material specific reflects a sensitive observation of the social space and its elusive resonance in the individual body and psyche.