carmelo tedeschi september 7 – november 17, 2012

Born in 1978, in Sicily, from an ancestral family of artisans, Carmelo Tedeschi studied at the Academia di Bella Arti, in Roma, the Royal College of Art in Antwerp and the Fondazione Ratti in Cuomo with Allan Kaprow. He lives in Berlin and Fez, Morocco.

Known as the creator of one-of-a-kind accessories for Martin Margiela under the name “Line-0” as well as for Kenzo, Gianfranco Ferre, and Acne, Carmelo Tedeschi developed a remarkable knowledge of his craft and through his immersion within Berlin’s legendary fetish sub-culture, an inventive approach to the material. Rei Kawakubo will present an exhibition of his design work this fall at Comme des Garcons in Dover Street Market, London and the Trading Museum, in Tokyo.

For this exhibition, Carmelo Tedeschi developed a series of freestanding sculpture made with molded leather and pigments. This series of non-orientable surfaces mixes the sphere and the plane with a constant positive rotary positioning. Although made with untreated leather, or animal skin, these abstract, non-literal unique objects attempt not to represent the outer but the essence of things. The sense of primitivism emanates from the use of organic material carved only with human skills, nevertheless the sophistication of the treatment, the luxuriousness of the texture allude to an affirmative type of interaction with nature, obliterating technology and the alienating sameness of reproductability.




Flair magazine n° 9.  Page 86.  Ravagnani, Fulvio.  Poetica delle curve



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